Wednesday, October 1, 2008

All I Wanna Do Is......

Take a nap

Hang with a friend

Play with a worm

But I can't, because I'm watching my kids do it, and I'm loving every moment of it. Believe it or not, things are starting to settle down here at the Riggio house. Now that school has been in session for a few weeks, we have fallen into a nice routine. Well routine for us, chaotic and tiring, yes, but routine.

Faith is doing well with therapy. It's slow going, but going. She can now sit for 30 minutes +/-. She had her eyes check and the Dr. said her vision was perfect. However, she may have problems with her eyes crossing as she gets older, something with the brain and connection, not the vision it self. I am becoming more and more afraid that her issues are more life changing than i had anticipated. She is so, so delayed that I am realizing that such delays have to be caused by some kinda brain damage or genetic disorder, and that's scary. We go in for genetic testing in about two weeks, I'll keep you updated.

The other kiddos are doing well. Soccer is in full throttle, we spend alot of time at soccer practices and soccer games. Rex loves school and playing in the sandbox with "The Guys". Jayme is doing well. He's back at the gym and taking really good care of himself. I'm really proud of him.

As for me, i just wanna take a nap, read a book or find time to go to the gym. And although I can't seem to accomplish any of those things, I'm doing pretty well.


Amy said...

Tessa and I go to the geneticist tomorrow. We already know that 2/3 of her brain doesn't work properly, but I'm so afraid of what else he might find. I keep saying to long as it's not fatal, I'll be ok. I think I'm just really kidding myself, though. I'll keep you posted and if you could say a prayer for us...I'd appreciate it!!! :)

Amy said...

Just wanted to tell you we had our geneticist appt. on Thursday. It was mostly what I expected...he said that he couldn't tell from any of Tessa's features if she truly has a genetic condition, but wanted to have futher testing to check. We went yesterday to have blood tests run and urine samples. I have to make an appt. with a pediatric opthamologist. He said we should have results from all of the testing in a month. Keep me posted on how things are going with you guys!
Love ya!

Stacy said...

I love this post, too! You are so creative and a great writer!
You da bomb, mama!