Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where would we be right now.

Where would she be right now. She could been all alone, hungry, crying, cold. She could be lying in a crib or on the floor so far gone from this world. She could be neglected or malnuorished, starving for food and love. She could be in pain and suffering. She could be abused or mistreated. She could be DEAD. And where would we be? We'd be just where we are. In a beautiful house, with food on the table, with a family to love us. We'd have an education, money,etc.. but,We would be void of all the possibilities. We wouldnt know what it would be like to open our hearts, we would have never given ourselves to the unknown.

I thank GOD that she is with us and we are with her.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Time flies when your having fun


Two years ago today Faith was placed in my arms forever. Little did I know how she would forever ROCK my world. My life has been all that much more blessed and fulfilled since she has entered it.

Two years ago, at 11 months old, my baby girl weighed 13lbs and couldnt hold her head up. Since then she has grown and developed leaps and bounds. She can now crawl, say mam and dada and is trying so hard to do many things. She has a long road ahead of her, but I couldnt be more proud.

My favorite picture from that day, my MOM and Faith


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here's a little something I found (stole from another blogger)

Disability Beatitudes".

Blessed are you who take time to listen to defective speech, or you help us to know that if we persevere, we can be understood.

Blessed are you who walk with us in public places and ignore the stares of strangers, for in your companionship we find havens of relaxation.

Blessed are you that never bids you "hurry up" and more bless are you that do not snatch our tasks from our hands to do them for us, for often we need time rather than help.

Blessed are you who stand beside us as we enter new ventures, for our failures will be outweighed by times we surprise ourselves and you.

Blessed are you who ask for our help, for our greatest need is to be needed.

Blessed are you when by all these things you assure us that the thing that makes us individuals is not our peculiar muscles, nor our wounded nervous system, but is the God-given self that no infirmity can confine..

Blessed are those who pick thing up without being asked.

Blessed are those who understand that sometimes I am weak and not just lazy.

Blessed are those who forget my disability of the body and see the shape of my soul.

Blessed are those who see me as a whole person, unique and complete, and not as a "half" and one of God's mistakes.

Blessed are those who love me just as I am without wondering what I might have been like.

Blessed are my friends on whom I depend, for they are the substance and joy of my life!!!