Friday, July 17, 2009

What time is it? It's Simi Time. Updated


Have you ever prayed for something, that you knew you probably shouldn't pray about, but wanted something so badly to happen that you hoped prayer would make a difference. Even if the prayer was partly for the right reason and partly for the wrong reasons.

My sons All Star team is playing in the World Series. All the teams are amazing. We never know from one game to the next who's going to win. We do know that if our boys play there A game the chances of them winning is really good. The issue is, the boys are 6 and 7 years old and nobody can expect them to play a perfect game all the time. Entering this weeks tournament our team was guaranteed 3 games and we had to win all three games to advance to the semi-finals, then on to the championship game. We've won 2 games and play the 3rd tomorrow. The part that sucks is if we win, another team loses, and all these boys have worked so hard to get to where they are.

Which leads me to my prayer. I've been praying that the boys will win all 3 games and make it to Sunday and I pray that the boys win the whole tournament. Our team has had some ups and downs lately, details I can not go into. I want them to win, but as a Mother I really want them to win, selfish, yes. So I am asking that you send the boys a prayer. Please pray that no matter the outcome, the boys have an amazing time and whether they win or lose they walk away proud of their accomplishments and know that they are champions in the eyes of so many.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What up Peeps

The blogging world has been a bit slow for me. Why you ask? Because our lives have been consumed with baseball. No not the Dodgers or the Angels, but with my sons 6 yr old Simi Youth Allstar team. You heard me, 6 year olds. For those who know me, know that I DON'T LIKE baseball, or basketball, football, or golf. Let me rephrase that, I DON'T LIKE SPORTS. Over the years I've been able to tolerate it more an more. I mean it is my son after all who is kicking A&* on the baseball field, so how can I not like watching him. Well I do enjoy watching my sons games. I don't enjoy baseball every single day for 6 weeks and I haven't even begun to mention the drama that's unfolded between the parents...OHHHH BOY....We should have a show called "Baseball Wives of Simi Valley". I guarantee you'd guys all watch it, if your into those kinda programs..We'll baseball ends on Saturday with the World Series and we then we are off on vacation.. Yeahhhh vacation..A little Lake Havasu, a little Yosemite, and then some BIG O' Mexico...Raise your hand if you need me to have a cocktail while sunbathing on the beaches of Mexico. I'm sure between my husband and I we can handle all the requests. Did I mention that there will be no children traveling with us to Mexico, just a couple of young newlyweds celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Well enough about me. The kiddos are all doing well. We have taken turns passing around the cold, but it hasn't gotten to bad. Fay and the hubby have yet to get it. Ohh did I say Fay, well let me tel you about Fay.. She is incredible, awesome, amazing,happy, very very happy, kicking baby girl butt. People ask me about her progress all the time and she is making amazing progress, but not amazing progress as one without a child who has special needs sees it. She is not crawling or walking or even talking like one would hope for, but she sure is trying and getting stronger every day. I always thought during the adoption process that the Lord was trying to teach me patience and that the reason he gave Fay to us is because I didn't learn it, well I'm learning it now. Fay as well as all my children are the lights of my life. I am so blessed. Which leads me to the Pineapple Princess, a fellow blogger whom while on Vacation asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog. Go check out my post on The Love Shack blog. Well that's all for now folks. I'll check back in before vacation and let you all know how we (my sons team) did in the World Series. 6 year old baseball ROCKS!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photography Class

Well I have a new obsession. I'm taking a photography class and our homework assignment was to take a portrait. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Here's a few pics I've taken, tell me what you think. The best part is I finally bought a new lens, yeah me! Check it out.