Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Tonight is the night. Jayme and I are catching a red-eye flight to Guatemala to meet our daughter for the first time. Words can't begin to describe my excitement. I was hoping we'd be out of Family Court and in PGN by this time, but not quit yet. Please pray for our trip and that we will be out of family court and onto PGN soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Below is a link to an article written about Guatemala adoptions. I feel that the article gives a decent overview as to what is happening with adoptions from Guatemala. Take a look and let me know what you think.
So i called our agency yesterday for an update, because I'm extremely inpatient. There is no news. They said it could take as long as 4 months in Family Court. I just want out and to be moving on to PGN. But God wants me to be patient, so patient I will be. I figured that if I set a new timeline in my head than I can get through it and be PATIENT. The kids are out of school this whole week, so I've been trying to keep them occupied. I think we'll see a movie today. Yeah, that's it, we'll see a movie

Signing off

Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm sitting here just waiting. Waiting for the phone to ring, hoping our agency will call any day now letting us know that we are out of Family Court and on to PGN. It's torture. I try to pre-occupy myself with the kids and all there activites, but it's difficult. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can get a bit OCD about things and the adoption is definately one of them. Our visit trip is coming up soon. So I have been busy preparing for that. I'm excited to met my new friend Suzette and her family and especially excited to met my baby girl..

Hopfully we will hear some good news soon

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In today's news. Looks like we are making some progress. See attachment:

Ortega/Hague Update

Guatemalan papers are reporting that committees of Congress met yesterday on the adoption law. This was NOT the vote on the ammendments. But based on these reports, Guatemala will postpone implementing the Hague until April 1, 2008 in order to better coincide with the US's likely ratification date. Interestingly, one paper quotes US Consul General John Lowell as saying this is unnecessary.

In addition, one paper is reporting that the Ortega Law's effective date will be bumped back to April 1 as well. One story also mentions that one ammendment to be voted on is to permit singles to adopt.
Is that a sigh of relief I hear?
Once again, this all coming from Guatemalan papers

Sunday, November 4, 2007

There is so much going on that I'm not sure where to begin. Our adoption case is still moving forward as planned, and will continue up until the 1st of the year. Today is a big day in Guatemala, the elections for a new President are being held. With a new President we only pray that it will mean positive changes for inter-country adoptions. The United States, with the exception of UNICEF, are working extremely hard to bring our babies home to us. Jayme, myself, Dad and Stevi are planning a visit trip to Guatemala from Nov. 29-Dec. 3rd. Yes, it will be the first time we get to hold our daughter. I am so excited, overwhelmed, anxious, words just can't begin to describe it. I have posted a new picture of Faith who is now 5 months old. For more info and news please see the JCICS link below.

Halloween was a real treat. Paris was a witch, Roc was a Ninja and Rex dressed as a Koala Bear. The Riggios and Gallaghers come over every Halloween, and all the kids have a great time trick or treating together. I think Rex and Amanda holding hands behind the pack enjoyed it the most. Seeing everyone having a great time made my Birthday all the more fun.

Thank you