Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer Fun

Although quit not summer yet, but still alot of fun. It was pretty hot here over the weekend, 90 degrees or so. We spent the entire weekend in the pool. Even Faith took a little dip. She made the same face in the pool as she does in the bath (I'm not sure if I'm diggin this, but at least I'm clean). Things have settled down here and everyone seems to be finally adjusting. Faith sleep through the night last night and drinks more bottles than I can keep up with. She still won't eat baby food, but once therapy starts she'll have no choice but to learn.

Paris loves to hold her, Rex has become protective over her and I'm not sure if Roc knows we have another kid in the house. Daddy tried to feed her the other night and she was not having it, but she enjoys looking at him. Then theres Poppy, every morning Poppy talks to her and her face lights up. What kid doesn't love Poppy (husband grandfather).

Faiths first birthday is coming up so I've got to start planning. Wouldn't be a party without a Pinata.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is still struggling to get through this process. Keep the Faith

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finally, a moment of quietness. Both babies(as I have started to refer Rex and Faith as) are sleeping. I was unprepared for the craziness four kids can stir up. On our pick up trip I was taken back by the serious physical delays Faith was experiencing. I knew she would be delayed, but this much was a bit of a surprise. So I've been trying to deal with four kids, while my mind worried about Faith. No one gave me a manual on her when I left Guatemala, it reminds me of when I left the hospital with my first child, the hospital forgot to give me a manual. I'm still kinda ticked about that. ha ha.

Faith is definitely grieving. Some days she eats and some not, some days shes happy as can be and some not. When I brought her home she wasn't sleeping through the night, eating baby food, crawling, sitting, etc.. She has started to roll over much more and seems to be getting a little stronger. My pediatrician sent me to the neurologist to have her evaluated. The neurologist saw no apart signs of Fetal alcholism, brain damage, etc. He felt her delays are due to lack of stimulation and neglect. Although she was in a foster home, she did not get what she needed physically or mentally. She is also in the 50% for weight, for a 4 1/2 month old. (Faith is 11 months old). He said not to worry because everything seemed proportionate. Non-the-less I am very relieved to finally get some answers about her future. The Dr. recommends that she start physical therapy within the next few weeks. He predicts that Faith will catch up quickly. On Friday we see the pediatrician for a full physical.

All is coming together as God had planned.

On a sad note, we had to put our 2 year old Saint Bernard to sleep. He went crazy. He bite three people, one being a child and has turned on my husband and our other dogs. No shelter would take him and our vet said we have no other choice. The entire family is morning him right now. We love you Ralph and will see you again someday

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman about adoption. He has two adopted daughters from China.

Borrowing this post from Heidi. I love this song

Life is crazy

Here are some pictures from our pick up trip. The pick up trip went great. My mother, sister and daughter traveled with me. Everything went perfect. Faith did really well during the time she spent with us in Guatemala. She only seemed to cry when hungry or tired. Now that we are home it's a different story. I new that Faith was a bit delayed when going to pick her up, however I wasn't prepared for how delayed she really was. Faith is almost 11 months old and is much more like a 5/6 month old. She can barely roll from her back to side and she doesn't sit up or crawl. She has very low muscle tone and only eats from a bottle. I am aware and believe in many reason as to why she has not developed as she should and have full confidence that over time she will be just fine and catch up. We saw the pediatrician on Saturday because she wasn't eating. The doc said she is fine, so hopefully she is just grieving. Faith weighs 14.3 lbs, so we go back to the doctor on Monday for a weight check. He also wants her to see a neirologist just to make sure her delays are not a neurological disorder.

We have had a very rough couple of days, but things seem to be looking up. Faith is so beautiful and precious and we all just adore her. My seven year old daughter thinks she got her very own live baby doll. Those two are going to have a very close bound.

Well thiat is all I have time for now. I'll keep everyone posted.

Thank you to everyone that still supports us and congratulations to all my blogger buddies whom are moving right along. BRING THOSE BABIES HOME.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I still plan on posting about our pick up trip, but right now things haven't been going well. Each day Faith is becoming increasingly more agitated. The phone has been ringing off the hook and people seem to be stopping by randomly. Yesterday afternoon she had a bottle at 2:30 and nothing the rest of the day. She was awake from 12:00 am till 5:00am hysterically crying. She usually wakes two to three times in the evening for a bottle but would take nothing last night. She hasn't eaten since yesterday. I 'll be calling the pediatrician this morning. Need-less-to say we are all exhausted.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We're Back

We're home with our beautiful daughter. The trip was amazing. I have 4 children now and my morning has been overwhelming and crazy. Therefore, I'll have to post a more detailed version of our trip later, along with pictures. Thanks for everuones support

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tommorrow is Travel Day

Tomorrow morning I head out to Guatemala with my daughter, sister and mother. I'm an absolute wreck. I'm nervous, anxious worried, excited, overwhelmed, etc.. We are flying American Airlines, so I'm asking that you please pray everything goes well with our flight and another prayer that all goes well at the embassy. I just want to hold my daughter again, kiss her face, smell her hair and love her will all I've got.

My husband has been harassing our contractor to finish the house before my return on Wednesday. We are so close to it being complete.

I would love to right a novel on my life right now and all that's going through my head, but all I can think about is getting to Guatemala and getting my daughter. I'll post as soon as I return.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support and all your prayers.

Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm going to Guatemala to bring my daughter home. Our journey through this process is coming to an end. Today we received our "PINK" slip. Our appointment in Monday. Words cannot begin to describe my emotions.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us. This has been such a difficult and trying time and I couldn't have made it through with out all of my friends, family and especially blogger buddies.

Next stop, Guatemala

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good news

And no it's not about the adoption this time. I 've been following a blog about this incredible family, Tricia, Nate and their beautiful daughter Gwyneth. Tricia suffers from Cystic Fibrosis and gave birth to their premature daughter in December. Last night Tricia had a double lung transplant. As their daughter spends her days in the NICU growing and thriving, Tricia is in the ICU trying to heal from her transplant. I ask that everyone please pray that Tricia's body doesn't reject her new lungs and that she continues to get well. Pray for Gwyneth and her continues health. I ask that you pray that the lord keeps Nate strong during this trying time, and I especially ask that you pray for the family who lost a life and were so generous to think of others by donating the lungs.

You can visit their blog at:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Eagle has landed

That's right folks, the DNA results have made it to the US embassy. Count down begins. With any luck a week from today we should have our embassy appoinment and heading to Guatemala.