Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tidbit-Wanna save money

Last night might husband came to me with our credit card bill. As he approached I was preparing how I was going to explain some of the unnecessary large shopping purchases. He began to point out a charge for $300+. I started racking my brain as to what and when I spent $300+ on an item. You know it's bad when you can't remember. The charge was for our Credit Card Protection Plan that we have been paying for since February, but since I do my bills online we never noticed the charge before.

So this morning I call the credit card company prepared to dispute this charge when they proceed to tell me that with this protection plan, if you have had a life changing event in the last 365 days they will pay your next to months minimum payments. Since my credit card bill is through the roof right now, that came as a blessing. The list that was read to me in regards to a life changing event was quit significant (buy an house, adoption, etc...). After my two months of payments are made(and they don't charge you the protection fee those months either) I can alter (change, cancel or leave the same)my protection plan as needed.

Anyways, hopefully that helps some of you.

Gotta love those tidbits, especially when it saves you money.

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