Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Day in the life of a Riggio, specifically me

Wake up

answer phone

change diapers

breakfast for three kids

answer phone

clean up

breakfast for fourth kid (no she couldn't just eat with the rest of them, and I'm not referring to Faith)

change diapers

answer phone

Rex on lock down so I can think for a minute

brush teeth

change diapers

clean spilled juice

answer phone

sneak away for a minute on computer.

and that's all before 10:00. I could go on the rest of the day, but it pretty much consists of the same things. Actually I do take a shower sometime. Life here is crazy. If you want a quite moment, don't come here.

My Dad and stepmom founded a non-profit organization for Golden Retriever rescue (SCGRRESCUE). They get new dogs everyday needing a home. With the overwhelming response to the organization, they have more dogs than foster homes, so some how I got suckered into being a foster. We currently are fostering two 2 1/2 female goldens. They are such a beautiful pair and should be leaving for there new home sometime this week. Then Monday we will be getting another dog.

Not that I don't have enough stuff going on in my life.

Faith is doing well with therapy. It's a lot slower progress than I anticipated, but progress is progress. Jayme and I, amongst a few others think that Faiths delays may be from a genetic disorder. We are currently trying to find a Geneticist in Southern California to have some testing done. So if anyone has any suggestion, let me know.

Paris and Roc are starting camp on Wednesday. WOOOOO HOOOOO. (did I say that). Yes it's either camp for them or mental breakdown for me. Overall, I think the kids will have a great time and I'll get a bit of a break from the chaos that follows them.

One last note. I'd like to give a shout out to my brother-in-law who just got a scholarship offer to Stanford for Football. You go "G".

Time for a diaper change.

As Rex would say "Peace out"


The gFamily said...

Hmmm, your day sounds a little familiar!! Maybe it's because my day goes pretty much like that!

I read your blog often and pray for Faith!

Courtney said...

WHEW....................What a day! Yes, I knew we were with the same agency from April. Courtney

Leslie said...

HMMMM your day sounds alot like mine!!! I have alot of teen drama though! LOL Its always something huh? LOL

Your children are so cute!

Kim said...

What a wonderful life, hey!

Steph said...

Phew! You are busy...and the dogs??? What were you thinking??? Hee hee!! You have a HUGE heart. You definitely deserve a break!!

Hoping you can get some answers regarding Faith.

Courtney said...

The outfit came from
She is great..........the outfit came really fast too. We get alot of compliments on it. You should get one. Courtney

Heidi said...

You are a busy busy momma! Whew. Good for you for taking in the dogs. I love goldens.

And yay for your brother! That is awesome.