Thursday, July 3, 2008


I need therapy too! We've been really busy over here. I thought Summer was suppose to be relaxing. Paris and Roc have been spending there days swimming in the pool while Rex swims in his kiddy pool, eating Popsicles, running around half naked trying to keep cool from the Summer heat. Meanwhile I've been fighting some kinda virus for the last week an a half and running Faith back and forth to therapy five times a week. I need a nap.

Faith is doing well with her therapy. Her PT now has her wearing what called a Theratog suit. It's suppose to help with her SID and PT. She doesn't seem to mind it. I'll post some pics later. She is holding her head up real well, rolling over, eating stage 2 baby foods and is very happy. I am very happy with her progress.

I wanted to ask everyone for there prayers. My husbands Grandfather lives with us, we call him Poppy. Poppy will be turning 84 years old on the 4th of July. His doctors found some cancer in his neck and they are afraid it has spread to his lymph nods. He will be going to UCLA next week to met with the doctor and see what will be done. Although he doesn't show it, we know he has got to be a little scared. I ask that you keep Poppy in your prayers as he starts this next battle to stay healthy.


April Guatemala Team said...

Poppy is in my thoughts and prayers.. I am so glad to hear that Faith is doing good at her therapy.. I keep looking at the picture of me and her in Guatemala when she fell asleep on me for 2 hrs.. She is so precious.. I love you Faith..

Kim said...

Suzanne, I will be praying for your family. I hope Faith continues to do well in therapy. Hang in there!