Saturday, December 1, 2007

We are in Guatemala

First I'd like to say that this has been an amazing experience. Jayme and I arrived in Guatemala on Thursday and received our BEAUTIFUL, did I say BEAUTIFUL, because I meant BEAUUUUTIFUL daughter, on Friday afternoon. She is so amazing, she is very content and happy. She hasn't strayed from her schedule and sleeps awesome. Her foster mother was very nice and you can tell that she loves her very much.

We have meet some amazing families, that we hope to remain friends with for a very long time. All their babies are adorable.

Jayme is going steer crazy being stuck in the hotel and I am dreading haveing to leave. But I know a bond has been create and that is enough to keep me going until we are able to bring her home.

It is all in Gods hands, and by his grace we will have a beautiful daughter to add to our family.

I ask for your continued prayers. God Bless



demp5 said...

She is so precious . . . it brings tears to my eyes!! I am thrilled that you are having a good visit trip. I cannot wait to see all of your pictures from your trip. I will continue to pray for you all.

Will and Aileen said...

What a beautiful girl she is! Hope you enjoyed every moment with her.