Thursday, December 6, 2007

We are home

We had such an amazing visit with our daughter. She is so precious and happy. I thought I would have a difficult time leaving her, but how can I possibly feel bad about leaving her with people who love her so dearly.

When we arrived in Guatemala to pick up Faith, I noticed that she was about two months behind in her development. Faith is six months old and is not able to sit up or roll over. Luckily we met some amazing people on our trip that re-assured me she will be fine. Of course I'd love to have her home where I can work with her more. We found out a little about the birth mother who I learned is very poor and has 4 other children with her. All her other children were slow to develop as well. None the less, Faith is beautiful, happy, alert and very content.

I ask that you pray for her health, her birth mother and foster mother.

I realized how lucky Faith is. She has three mothers that love her, who could ask for more.

God Bless

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demp5 said...

I am SO glad that y'all had a great trip. Please do not worry about her development. She will completely catch up (I worked as a developmental specialist before I had my children). Post pictures when you can!
Praying for Faith,