Monday, February 2, 2009

New Blog Design

So, do you like? Yet another new blog design.

I seems that our blog changes with the season, but it is ever so consistent with our changing life. Jaimee did an amazing job, Check out her site, Centsibly Chic designs. She is top notch.

Faith has finished with her intensive therapy and is doing quit well. I know for sure now that the Lord is teaching me patience. It's just the learning that doesn't come easy. She is beautiful, healthy and happy and that's what's most important.

Rex on the other hand has been giving Jayme and I a difficult time. The 3 weeks spent with Faith in LA and losing our Nanny to a mission trip in Peru hasn't been easy for him. Either that or terrible twos is becoming terrible threes.

Paris and Roc are doing well. They are doing well in school and seem to enjoy it. They both just finished a 8 week Spanish course. Although not fluent, yet, he he, they know Spanish way better than I do and I took Spanish 1 and 2 in High School. Little minds absorb sooooo much. Paris has started softball. My little diva is pretty good. Roc will be starting baseball with Jayme as his coach. No pressure though.

Jayme is getting geared up for a weekend in Pebble Beach with his buddies from out of town. The stress of going to Pebble Beach is almost unbearable. he he.

I have no pics to post. I've been a little behind on taking any new photos. But now that the weather here in Southern Cali is 80 degrees, some park pics will be in the making.


Vanessa said...

I LOVE the new design and may have to check out one of my own!!

Courtney said...

I love the new blog look. Everyone but me is getting a new blog makeover, I am jealous. Kisses to Faith...........

Guatemalan Team said...

I love your new Blog background.. I am so glad Faith and everyone is doing well.. I miss ya all so very much..

Pineapple Princess said...

Love it! Love it! Jaimee strikes again. She's done a mah-velous job!

I'm off to snag your blog button.

Miss you!

Judie said...

I can't believe I came across YOUR blog when I was surfing through others. I love it! Only you could find time to scrapbook, blog, mommy the most adorable kids in the entire world, and all the other stuff in between! Can you tell I love them a little bit? I miss you girlfriend! Hmmm...just reminiscing about the time I was the wacky Christian girl across the street from the "die hard" Jew. LOLOL Our God is an awesome God! Your faith, perseverance, love, humor, and genuiness inspire me! Let's get together really, I really mean it! I showed Taylor this and she was so excited. Set a date and we'll be there. Give a big giant hug to all the kids. We LOVE them (and you and Jaymie of course) so much! xoxoxo Judie

Steph said...

Ohmygosh!!! I love the new design!!

And, how on earth do you keep up?? I am tired just reading about all your activities! ;)