Monday, February 9, 2009

Have you ever been called a HERO....

...a Godsend, a life saver, a saint. If so, do believe it. Was it your intentions or something you just falled upon.

I was watching a 60 minute interview with the flight crew who landed the plane in the Hudson river. The captain made a comment about the days following the crash, although all 155 passengers survived, he couldn't help but think what more he could of done. What more he could of done! The man just landed a plane in the Hudson river, sparring the lives of a 155 passengers, what more could he have done! He is a hero in the eyes of so many, but I'd bet that he has never and will never look at himself as being a hero. The captain had a job to do and he did it very, very well.

Which leads me to adoption. How many of you have heard, "You saved that child's life", "You are amazing", "You are a Hero". How many of you believe that statement to be true.

So here's my confession. I adopted Faith for pure selfish reasons. I already had three beautiful, healthy biological child. My husband had been neutered and I wanted another child. I had been interested in adoption for quite some time and thought it would be easier on my body. I didn't want to get fat again, and then spends years trying to get skinny again. I wanted a baby, but didn't want to give my body to pregnancy. I asked for a healthy baby girl and the lord gave me just that. She is healthy and beautiful, but not with out many special needs. So now, when I introduce Faith to people and tell them where she came from and about her needs, they often say to me: "You saved her life, you are her Hero". However, I don't believe any of those things. I often feel ashamed. I wanted a baby and the lord gave me a baby, in more ways than you know. And like my biological children, she is just as much apart of me as they are. Her needs have been, surprising, overwhelming and humbling. I do for her like I would do for my other children, husband, mother, father, friends, etc.. It by no means makes me any more of a Hero.

So please, don't call me a hero, just call me human.

And for many reasons I still want more kids, but my rational has changed. There are so many children out there in need of a home. So many children who don't have the pleasure of growing up with a mother or father. I want to give those kids what my kids have.

Maybe some of you out there that read this blog, could put your selfishness aside and give a child a home. It is not easy, I can attest to that, but so very worth it.


Vanessa said...

Adoption is well worth it indeed!! You have no idea how much your life will be changed until you walk that journey!! I too adopted because I wanted a child and nothing more!! No hero here either, just one proud momma to three great kiddos!!

Elena's Girl said...

What a great well said.