Monday, August 11, 2008

Time flys when your having fun

It's been a year. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's already been a year.

August 2nd 2007, Jayme and I and the kids where up in big bear camping. We were just getting ready to launch the boat into the lake when our adoption agency called and our lives would be changed forever. You see, two week prior I had just turned in all of our foreign paperwork to the agency and the wait for our referral began. We had indicated in our paperwork that we wanted and infant girl. They told us the wait could be as long as six weeks.

The phone call came as a total surprise. They called on Jaymes cell phone, which he takes everywhere. They told him we have a daughter for you and he proceeded to pass me the phone. They had told us that she was a little over eight weeks old and had very little info on her but would send us what they had. They also told us that two others families had turned her down. I was in awe. Why would nobody accept her? The agency said that some thought she was to old and to Mayan looking. I couldn't imagine not accepting her. Needless to say we had a great weekend.

One year later and our daughter is home. Happy, healthy and absolutely beautiful. However, adopting Faith has not come without it's challenges. Challenges that we will face head strong. The lord has blessed us with a beautiful daughter and I will do all I can to provided her with a full life.

Here's to you BABY GIRL. We all love you so very much.


Stacy said...

Faith is so beautiful and perfect. It's fascinating to me how God knits families together. You are super blessed!

I look forward to Faith and Bella being great friends as they grow up!!!


Kim said...

Faith is so cute!!