Friday, August 1, 2008


For this weeks FFF I'd like to give you all a little bit of the various hair styles that take place in our household. For all those that know Rex, know that he has great red hair. Bethany and I can't help but put it in pony tails. It's black mail for when he's older. AND theres Faith. Faith has more hair than any child at her age that I've ever seen. It stuck straight up, naturally for some time and only a bath would keep it down, for a short time. Paris and Roc can sport some stylish dos as well, unfortuanetly I have no pics. Jayme as you know has no hair, and me well it's time to visit the salon.

Oh no you don't put my hair in pony tails and post it for the public to see, Mommmmmmm, I'm a BOY

Now it's up
Now it's down
Nothin' like a bathtub mohawk to make bathtime fun


Leslie said...

i did that to my son when he was little too!! I thought he'd be alittle upset being a teen and all if i posted it! LOL

Your boys are sooo cute even with mohawks!!!

Have a great weekend,Leslie

MICHELLE said...


Sharon said...

Cute photos! I love your blog banner.

Becca said...

Love these mohawk pics! I never could do that with my kids- their hair is too heavy and funky.

Peace and Hugs,

Kerri said...

So cute!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

Bethany said...

I miss when he was little enough to bathe in the sink.

Sarah said...

Too funny! Great rehearsal dinner pictures! And that Faith... she couldn't be cuter with her sticky up hair!

Robyn said...

Too cute!!


Heidi said...

Too funny!

Stacy said...

I did the same thing with Luke's red hair when he was little. My husband thought I was crazy, but they make for great pictures now... bribery!

Faith's hair rocks!