Thursday, January 10, 2008

A little news is better than no news

That's right folks, a little news is better than no news. So after about a week or so of feeling depressed, heart broken, frustrated and anxious, news has been slowly coming in stating that a Central Authority is in the works. Central Authority? For those of you who are confused, under the new law a Central Authority needs to be established for all new adoption cases. Each adoption case needs to be registered with the Central Authority. Although we are not a new case, because we are not in PGN we will need to be registered in order to be resubmitted to PGN. Confusing for you, well it's confusing to me to. I have gotten word that this process should happen in the next few weeks. So hopefully we will be back in PGN by the end of the month. That's all I got for you. Needless to say my spirits have been up the last two days and I am trying hard to keep it that way.


Steph said...

You are right, a little news is A LOT right now!! Hopefully, things will start moving fast.

demp5 said...

Thanks for all your words of encouragement! It really does help to have blogger buddies going through this with me. I am praying for Faith and her case to re enter PGN quickly!

Stacy said...


I will keep praying. I know that God is going to bring our girls home soon!