Thursday, January 3, 2008

Are we IN or are we OUT

A little update, not a good update, but none the less an update. Our agency had told us we were re-submitted to PGN on Dec 26/27. So I decided to call PGN yesterday to check on that. They told me they have no recored of the resubmit. I'm not panicking yet because I know that that can mean many things. What I'm hoping is that because of the holidays, PGN is behind in entering into the computer all the caes that are bombarding their office. Worst case scenario is that they are not accepting any cases for the new year and ours is one of them.

Trying to stay calm.

Your thoughts and prayers are needed



Steph said...

Oh, I hope they are just backed up. I did hear that last week. Hoping & praying for the best!

Anonymous said...

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