Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prayer can lead you to unexpected places.

It's amazing where prayer will lead you.

I've prayed long and hard for the Lord to soften Jaymes heart so we can have more kids, and then I prayed for the Lord to guide us on how to go about a new adoption or having bio kids. However, the more I prayed for the latter, things started to become clear. It was an answer that I never expected.

I've wanted a handful of kids for a long time now. I'm supermom, I can handle it. Well I realized that I can't handle it. Not an easy thing to say. Therefore, I've made an executive family decision last night. We are done adding to our family for now. That's right, no more kids, or dogs, or guinea pigs. I'm blessed to have the four children that I do.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Now on to something new. Faith started Hippo therapy(equestrian therapy) last week. She did an incredible job. She rode the horse for thirty minutes or so. She smiled here and there and cried here and there, but ultimately survived it. She also finished up her three week intensive therapy in L.A.. She did a phenomenal job. She did so good that I'm driving down once or twice a week for some traditional therapy. Here are some pics.


Kerri said...

Glad you've made your decision. Limbo sucks! Love the pics!!

Vanessa said...

Looks like she's making wonderful strides! I have made that very same tough decision recently and it wasn't an easy one for me to accept!! HUGS