Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three Years Ago Our Lives Changed Forever

Three years ago the unthinkable happened. My nephew suffered an accident that would change our lives forever. Three years ago my nephew died and was brought back to us. However, when the Lord brought him back he was no longer the same child. He is now severely disabled. He is trapped in a a body that let's him do very little. We had no idea how our lives would change FOREVER.

Prior to my nephews accident, life was pretty easy. My siblings and I were blessed with amazing parents and an incredible loving and supportive extended family. We never went without. We had our share of ups and downs like most, but nothing that was life altering. Until that fateful day three years ago.

Through my nephews accident we learned our purpose in life. When I say OUR purpose, I include myself. Let me try and explain.

My sister and I are identical twins. Our lives mimicked each others in so many ways, from the car we drove to the amount of children we had and so on. My sister had a daughter and two boys like myself. I knew by adopting our fourth daughter that something was different with my sister and I. Keep in mind that our adoption was after my nephews accident. It wasn't until I brought our daughter home from Guatemala that I new what our connection was. Like my sister I now had a child that was also disabled.

Through my nephews accident and the strength, courage and dedication my sister has. I have been able to help my daughter in so many amazing ways. She has introduced me to therapies that have literally changed my daughters life and will continue to change her life.

I wish you could all met my nephew. He is incredible. If you'd like to met him, then hop over to my sister blog. Fighting for Joey

I feel very blessed to have Joey and Fay in my life. The Lord has opened my eyes to things that I never imagined where out there. Although life is now a bit more challenging, I am so grateful for the challenge.

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Pineapple Princess said...

You are the best writer! You have a gift of putting your thoughts and feelings into words.
I just read Joey's blog. It is amazing how effective the stem cell are! What improvement!! That procedure needs to be available HERE!