Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New look, new year, new post....

So far this year is looking crazy busy. My husband is expanding his business, which means lots of work and stress for him. I'm sensing we will have a couple of lonely dinners without him this year. Baseball season is about to start for my hubby and son. Oh man talk about all consuming. By the time baseball season is over I'm exhausted. However, my son and hubby love it, so I can't complain to much. The other kiddos are doing their things, dance class for Paris and trouble making for Rex. And then there's my little Fay Fay.

Fay is getting ready to start a 3 week intensive therapy program. I'm feeling like this is going to be a tough 3 weeks for us both. She no long likes going to therapy, well she never liked it, but she understands what happens and she hates it. So there is lots of tantruming on her part. After her 3 week intensive program she starts hippo therapy, which is very similar to equestrian therapy except she has a physical therapist by her side at all times. Meanwhile, Fay is progressing nicely. she can military crawl the length of our house and is sooooo soooo close to crawling on all fours. She has been working really hard on trying to pull her self up. She gets on high knees then gets stuck. Her fine motor skills have improved greatly. She can clap her hands and bang two toys together. However her speech has regressed a little, but her understanding has improved. Fay has been working really hard and moving right along. I am so very proud of her.

My hubby and I have been discussing adoption alot lately. We are currently in the research process but hope to add another child to our family in the next year or too.

Me, well I'm just trucking along and loving every minute of it.


Mrs. Dan said...

Praying for the Intensive to go well! What dates are you doing?

Chantelle said...

Hi Suzanne!
I am so glad you posted on our blog! I used to follow yours also and then kind of got out of everyone's blog loop!
So, would love to talk adoption any time...of course. My email is cbecking@gmail.com and cell is 314.651.5319
Also happy to talk about our experiences with IAN.
Your family is just so awesome! I know you are one busy momma. I will get back on track so I can keep up with you guys.
Call or email any time!