Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm still here, are you still reading?

Life at the Riggio home is busy and totally amazing.

First I'll start by telling you about my Guatemalan Princess. Fay will be 2 1/2 yrs old this month. Boy does time fly bye. I have to admit that her first year home was difficult and not at all what I expected. Her needs are more that just her being a little delayed. Fay may have to live with us forever. Although her progress is astounding, she is far from a "typical" children. I am not sure where she will plateau with her progress, but right now she is moving full speed ahead.

Fay just completed another 3 week Neurosuit therapy program and Tomatis program. She progressed more in the last six months than she has in the last year and a half. Fay can now get into a sitting position on her own, military crawl and bear more wight on her legs. Cognitively she has come leaps and bonds. She signs MORE in sign language, has tantrums as a 2 yr old would and is the happiest, most loving child ever. That doesn't even begin to explain all she can do and understand now. Every inch of progress is celebrated. I am sooo proud of her.

Right before Fay turns 3 we will have to get her a diagnosis in order to continue our services and to get more services. Because we don't know her families history or circumstances at birth I will take the meaning behind whatever label they give her very lightly. But you should know that they are leaning towards a few different things, such as cerebral palsy and mental retardation. It's kinda bizarre how the system works, but the more and worst off the label, then the more services she will qualify for. I know that a diagnosis will not change who she is. Just know that my mind is at peace with all this and everyday I feel more and more blessed.

GOD has given me 4 beautiful, loving children. THANK YOU

Now don't think I'm done with 4 kids. My heart has always wanted more. I've been thinking a lot about it lately, trying to figure out what would be the best option for our family. I've been nervous about adopting again. Faith's condition was unexpected. But I do know that adoption is the right option for us and whomever God chooses for us will be a perfect fit for our family. If I had my choice, I would adopt a sibling group from Ethiopia, but that may take a lot of convincing the hubby.

However, we have added a new member to the family. His name is Dodger and he is a 12 week old English Bulldog. That makes 4 kids and 4 dogs.

Meanwhile we have all been busy around here. Halloween is my favorite holiday, ok, one of my favorite holidays, partially because it's my birthday. This year we had a bash. An adult only Halloween bash that took place the weekend before Halloween. It was so much fun and such a success that I can't wait to do it again next year. Turning 22 again and again has been a lot of fun.

I've also been on a little tattoo kick for the last two years. My new addition is the "Star of David and a Cross" on my wrist. Growing up I was raised Jewish, however, in the last 6 years I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. So this tattoo means a lot.

Well enough rambling...check out my pics..

Fay learning to walk
and crawl

my tattoo


April.. said...

I love all of the pictures of Faith.. I can't believe how big she is getting.. I Miss You All so much.. I wish I could come out n see you right now.. I just think that will be hard being I am in school and don't have a job for money to pay for the flight.. LOL I love you all and miss ya tons.. Happy Birthday again and Give all the kids love from Auntie April..

Leslie said...

Yes im here and missed you my friend!!! Fay is just a angel and i love seeing her standing!! AMEN!

I love your pup sooo much!


Donna said...

Hi--I'm glad to hear that Fay is making such great progress. You have a beautiful family.

take care,
Donna said...

I LOVE the new tat, it's meaning, and the great news about Fay.... You know it's SO hard to decide where to go for your children. I think God will lead us where are children are. I always thought I wanted more, but I have faced the fact that my health just can't handle it.... MAYBE when the girls go to kindergarten. Andrew would probably have a heart attack even thinking about it! Keep praying, and God will let you know where the next blessing is!
love you!

Pineapple Princess said...

Of course I'm reading! Every word of every post!

I always look so forward to your updates. Faith is just a doll... and Dodger...oh my gosh! Cutest puppy ever!!

Miss you too much!

Joshua's blog and his mom Angie said...

Last moth was a blur with my sister in hospice and then passing away...but, I did get a chance to read your blog last month and then again today......Today it made sense, so I decided to comment. I have tears in my eyes as I read your past few blogs. Faith is amazing and I am so happy that she is progressing. What a joy to see her standing!! You are blessed that she is so happy!!
I will be praying for you as you are thinking about adopting again! How great!! I hope that God will open your dh to a sibling group in Ethiopia. The children from Ethiopia are lovely. Maybe you can ask your agency what types of things you may encounter from each country, or ask around. Each country has it's own issues. I do hear that Ethiopia is a wonderful place to adopt older children from. That is so awesome that you want to adopt again. I hope that your dream comes true soon:) Older children can help with Fay and your other children. I have six and I works out perfectly!! That is the beauty of a large family....we all work together:)