Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where there is a beginning, there is an end.

This last few weeks have made an amazing impact on so many lives. First and foremost our new President. What an incredible feat. I am so glad to be apart of history. Although I didn't vote for Obama, I am super excited for his Presidency and the future of the United States. President Obama has brought hope for so many people, in so many ways.

Which leads me to Faith.

Faith has just completed her 3 week 6 hour a day intensive therapy program. The program was intense and grueling for both of us. The 1 1/2 drive to and from LA will take a toll on anybody. Then theres listening to your daughter cry non stop for hours on end. And if you think it was bad for me I can't even begin to tell you how Faith felt. But as tough as it was, each day got better and better and Faith got stronger and stronger. She can now bear weight on her legs and is learning to get into a sitting position on her own. Cognitively she has made huge strides. I can't explain it or even pinpoint the exacts, but she looks amazing. This process also taught me patience, strength, and love. It introduced me to people that really care about your child and truly want to make an impact on their lives.

This morning, Poppy (aka Grandpa) said to my husband, "I don't know what they did to Faith down there, but whatever they did she looks amazing. I know the therapy is expensive, but you've gotta find away to get her back there. Sell everything you've got if you have to, just get her back there." Poppy and Faith share a love like no other.

Then this morning I went to a funeral for a friends father. I never met the father and felt a little odd going to a funeral of a person I never met, but what an amazing experience. He was incredible man and loved by so many. So it got me thinking what do you say about loved ones when they pass? What will loved ones say about you? Will you out live everyone of your childhood friends, so that no mention of your childhood will be remember at the funeral? Will the day be a celebration or a day of mourning? Will you be with the lord in heaven or not?

Is the LORD your beginning and your end. I sure hope so.!


Kerri said...

I'm so glad Faith's therapy has helped!

Joshua said...

Oh Suzanne, I am just praising God for answered prayers right now, and have tears of joy for Faith!! WOW!!!!!! I know that had to be soooo tough, but hearing what Poppy said , I just know that it must be incredible what they were able to help her with. I am so happy that she is starting to sit and even stand!!! WOW!! Thank you God!! I just know that she will catch up!! Thanks for posting, I was wondering how you guys made out with all the therapy.

Master of Chaos said...

Tears, I have tears! Thank you fro your dedication to Faith and our family. It was a tough 3 weeks on us all. I'm no Mr. Mom, but we did it. Great job to you and Faith. Love you both!

demp5 said...

That is so exciting that she made so much progress! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Guatemalan Team said...

I am so so so so so Happy for you all.. Faith I am so proud of you.. I remember the day when I was holding you and you wouldnt put weight on your legs at all.. Now look at this you can do it.. I am in tears of joy for you baby girl.. I can't wait to get to come see you and watch you do everything you are learning.. This is an awesome..

I Love You Faith.. xoxoxo Auntie April

Stacy said...

Sorry my blog redesign is messing up yours. Hee! Hee!

I have been TOTALLY missing you and Faith. Now that her therapy is over, wanna get together soon?

Tina said...

Praying for your sweet Faith.