Saturday, March 29, 2008


Our pick up trip is approaching fast, who ever thought I'd be using the word FAST and this process together, none-the-less, we'll be leaving soon to get our daughter. My bio daughter will have a sister and that warms my heart so very much. Having a twin sister myself, and knowing how dear she is to me, I can't wait for my daughter to have a sister and hopefully a new best friend.. Therefore, I wanted to get both my girls a gift that will represent their union as sisters. I wanted to buy them something they could enjoy now and as adults. I was thinking jewelry. Can anyone give me some suggestions.


Kim said...

I think jewelry is a great idea. How about a locket with eachother's picture in it?

Heidi said...

Jewelry is a great idea! I know the jade store in Antigua sells charms that have the Mayan symbol for their birthdate on them. We got one for Emmi that we are going to give to her when she turns 8. I'm going to put it on a necklace chain. Or you could get them a bracelet or ring with eachother's birthstones in them? Kim's idea is great too. Good luck, what a great idea!