Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In today's news. Looks like we are making some progress. See attachment:

Ortega/Hague Update

Guatemalan papers are reporting that committees of Congress met yesterday on the adoption law. This was NOT the vote on the ammendments. But based on these reports, Guatemala will postpone implementing the Hague until April 1, 2008 in order to better coincide with the US's likely ratification date. Interestingly, one paper quotes US Consul General John Lowell as saying this is unnecessary.

In addition, one paper is reporting that the Ortega Law's effective date will be bumped back to April 1 as well. One story also mentions that one ammendment to be voted on is to permit singles to adopt.
Is that a sigh of relief I hear?
Once again, this all coming from Guatemalan papers

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demp5 said...

OOHH! Baby Faith is so beautiful! We are leaving on Saturday the 24th. I hope that we are staying at the Hotel Aurora in Antigua, but they have not confirmed yet. What about you all?