Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sad Places

Coming up on three years since Fay has been home with us, and it's rare these days that I find myself in a sad place. I'm often to busy with therapy, dance, baseball, homework, driving, etc. to be in a sad place. The last couple of days I have caught myself falling off the wagon (as my sister says). What, when and how will become of Fay. Her diagnosis is unknown and will forever be. Although I truly believe that malnutrition is the culprit of it all.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I make my 45 min drive to L.A. where Fay spends a few hours doing auditory and physical therapy. It's a place of miracles. It's also a place with severely, medically fragile children. 500 seizures a day for one child is not uncommon. Feeding tubes, orthotics, wheelchairs, doctors and medical equipment are a hot topic of conversation. It's also a place of HOPE, FAITH, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. To often parents put on a happy face to mask the pain of their daily lives. Some parents are content and accepting of their situations. While some parents are struggling to grasp the reality that has become their lives. It is at this place that my spirits are lifted and more often than not for the wrong reasons. You see, my child is not like the others. She doesn't have seizures or a feeding tube. She progresses very nice, every day. She is a miracle and blessing, like all the children there.

Today, one of the mothers asked me, "What is wrong with your daughter, she looks fine." After I explained her situation, she continued on saying "She is going to be fine". My sister has always said that to me about Fay, and you know what, I truly believe it. So, I was able to get back on the wagon and avoid the sad place....Thank you to all my Napa Center moms and my sister.

With that being said, Fay is continuing to learn to walk. She is up to six steps on her own. She is also trying to talk, she tries to say more and go.


Pineapple Princess said...

Just thinking of ya and your oh-so-cute fam! :)

Salvina Ciarleglio said...

You are truly Blessed. I admire the fact that you have adopted and love that child as your own. I obtained my child thru fertility treatments and want another one,but can't. I am interested in adopting, but don't have the money. How did you go about doing this?
aka twitchy fingers

Felicia Stevenson said...

Hi there, first time reader on your blog. I feel for you and the struggles you must go through. I'll be back for sure.

Slamdunk said...

My prayers are with you all...