Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where would we be right now.

Where would she be right now. She could been all alone, hungry, crying, cold. She could be lying in a crib or on the floor so far gone from this world. She could be neglected or malnuorished, starving for food and love. She could be in pain and suffering. She could be abused or mistreated. She could be DEAD. And where would we be? We'd be just where we are. In a beautiful house, with food on the table, with a family to love us. We'd have an education, money,etc.. but,We would be void of all the possibilities. We wouldnt know what it would be like to open our hearts, we would have never given ourselves to the unknown.

I thank GOD that she is with us and we are with her.


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Laurie said...

So true. I think about that so often and it just brings me to tears. I often ask why me Lord. There are so many much more deserving than I. But I praise him for giving me my Chapina!