Sunday, December 6, 2009

Year End

The end of 2009 is approaching fast. I just love the end of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, but man am I tired. The end of each year also makes me a bit nervous and anxious for the following year.

This year has been pretty good. We celebrated Faith's 1st year home as well as her 2nd Birthday. My oldest son became a baseball fanatic, a dream come true for my husband. My 3 year old has decided to skip terrible 2's and save it all for terrible 3's, and my eldest daughter is just growing up. She is becoming a beautiful, smart, independent young girl. I am so very proud of her. My husband is working on expanding his business, while making time for all of us at home. Me, well I am just going through the motions and enjoying every moment of it.

This upcoming year is already looking real busy and it hasn't even started yet. New business ventures, new Nanny, thoughts more therapy and big changes for Fay, adoptions, etc.. Speaking of Fay, she is a rockstar. Since August she has been moving full speed ahead. In August she started sitting up on her own, in October she starting military crawling and along with all that her fine motor skills are improving as well as her speech.

My hubby and I have also decided to adopt again. Yes people I know I'm crazy. That would mean 5 kids, yes you heard me 5 kids at the Riggio Ranch. However the adoption process is not one to take lightly too. We have some big decisions to make about what route to go, Domestic, International or Foster/Adopt, what age as well as what nationality. Please pray that we find the right answers.

None-the-less we are moving full speed ahead and looking for a little down time over the holiday season before the new year starts.

Trying to take a family Picture

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