Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids make the word go round

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Like usual we are a very busy household.

The kids finished school with a BANG. Roc graduated from kindergarten and had his 7th birthday. Paris got numerous classroom awards as well as the Christian Character award. Jayme and I are so proud of the two of them.

Now that summer has started, Paris, Roc and Rex are all going to camp two days a week while I take Fay to therapy. Rex is taking swim lessons, Paris will be starting dance class and cheerleading, and Roc has made the allstar team for baseball, while Fay is taking it easy with the therapy and spending a lot of time in the pool. I'll be taking a photography class with my friend Stacy. So keep your eye out for some rockin photos.

Roc's baseball has been all consuming. He practices 4 days a week with a tournament every weekend until the middle of July. His team won this weekends tournament. Roc caught a fly ball in left field to win the game. The coach gave him the game ball which all the coaches signed. It was really exciting.

Last but not least we had Faith's re-adoption day. Her name has been legally changed and we should see a new birth certificate in the near future. It feels so great to be done with all of the adoption stuff.

The funny thing is, is that I haven't even mentioned our vacations yet. Believe it or not we have also planned a trip to Lake Havasu, Yosemite and Mexico. I love summer.

So now what you've all been waiting for, some pics:
Roc and Jaymes' Birthday party

Roc's Graduation

Some of Paris awards

Fay taking a dip in the pool

At the baseball field


Pineapple Princess said...

Love the baseball pics... like father...like son, huh!?
Congrats to your kids on all the awards. They are amazing!
Bella says hi to Faith!
Can't wait for Thursday night!!!

Leslie said...

I love summer too!!!

We just got back from our vacation...what fun!

Love the new pics!