Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a 7 year olds nightmare

This morning my daughter woke up and came running into the bathroom, hugs me and starts telling me about her bad dream.

Here's how it goes:

Paris: "We were following Jack, Roc behind Jack, Ava in front of ME and ME in the back, into this big bright castle.Then we heard a voice saying "It's my castle". We all start going towards the slide, but the slide wasn't slippery. Then baby Faith was up there and I was trying to get her but then Mommy came up there and said go that way so she can get the baby, but if I go that way I can't get out. The princess voice was scary but finally I got out."

I mean really a scary Princess voice, who wouldn't be freaked out by that.

Then this morning on our way to school, I was trying to buckle Rex (2 1/2yrs) into his car seat. I jammed my finger on the buckle and said "DAMN IT", Rex then said "DAMN IT MOM". The older kids started laughing so Rex continued saying it. He thought it was so funny that he started using his "evil Damien" voice and continued repeating it. Ok, what's a Mom to do. I'm trying not to laugh and discipline him at the same time. After the older kids were dropped of at school, Rex continued saying it laughing each time. So now Rex has said his first bad word, and I'm afraid it might be one that doesn't leave us for some time. It was totally cute and funny, and so wrong.

A day in the life of the Riggio's


Kelly said...

Dammit isn't too too horrible. I am afraid Sky has said so much worse and I have no control over my laughter BUT I can't help it its too damn funny!!!!! LOL

That dream is whack! I would be totally freaked out by that.

April Guatemala Team said...

I said that in front of my son also and he picked it up. I was trying to tell him not to say that and was laughing just as hard as you were I am sure. Kids are so innocent when they pick up a word we say that they shouldn't. They don't know some words are bad to say.
Paris your dream scared me crazy. I have had some scary dreams also. Auntie April misses you Paris.
I miss all of you so much.. OXXO